Surface Protection: Anti-Vibration Squares
Surface Protection
14719 - anti vibration squares wto (web)
14730 - anti vibration square 50x50 12mm 8pk (web)7
14731 - anti vibration square 200x200 15mm 2pk (web)

Anti-Vibration Squares

CATEGORY: Surface Protection Array
• Reduces vibration
• Noise suppressant
• Protects surfaces
• Avoid damage

Reduces vibration, suppresses noise

Whites' Anti-Vibration Squares are a cost-effective, simply way to reduce vibration, suppress noise, and protect surfaces under machinery and other items. Ideal for washing machines, air-conditioners, compressors, etc.

Available in a range of sizes to suit your appliance.

Made from recycled material.  Recycled material logos-03


Product Description

1473012mm Anti Vibration Squares - 8 Pack50 x 50
1471915mm Anti Vibration Squares - 4 Pack100 x 100
1473115mm Anti Vibration Squares - 2 Pack200 x 200

Not all products available in all areas of Australia.